"Once you see his paintings, you won't forget them... His unique vision may change the way you see." -Robert Amos: Arts, Times Colonist



"In 2011 while wandering along the causeway, I stopped at Marty's art kiosk. I was fascinated by his colours, style, and originality. While speaking with him, I learned that he had been to Saskatoon and had taken a photo of my beloved Delta Bessborough Hotel, which I had grown up across from. He managed to find the photo as well as a sketch he had done, and he forwarded them both to me. I immediately commissioned him to do a painting of the scene, which I proudly hang in my living room and continually receive compliments on. I love sitting and staring at Marty's wonderful piece of art. It is a great conversation piece, and people love the artwork even if they are not familiar with the building itself. The painting brings back wonderful memories of the city where I grew up and also raised my own family. This is a great piece to have in my collection!"

-- Jo-Ann Thompson, Victoria BC, CANADA


"I love the unique way Martin's art showcases architecture. The slightly askew view reminds me of how we look at something quickly, almost glancing, so that we don't see the true angles. I purchased one of the custom-framed limited edition giclees, and my only hesitation was transporting it back home safely. However, Martin packaged the piece very well (it even had a built-in handle!), and it made it to my home safe and sound. Keep up the awesome work. I love it and hope to snag another piece in the future!"

-- Shannon Rankin, Albuquerque NM, USA


"People are naturally drawn to Marty's artwork. There are only a few artists that I have found myself being drawn to over and over, and Marty is one of them. His unique style is the overwhelming factor - the precise twists and turns of his architecture and structures reveal another world and dimension!"

-- Ruth Meister, Seattle WA, USA


"My fiancé and I bought the Waski Dunaj giclee from Martin's art booth when we were visiting Canada in 2011. Then, when we were married in 2013, we purchased the matching Kamienne Schodki giclee to complete the diptych. Thanks a lot for your effort, support and especially for the card & wishes. That was very kind. A few days ago we bought a totally new apartment, so when we return from our honeymoon we’ll start furnishing it and your paintings will get a special place there."

-- Gerald & Renate Auer, Vienna, AUSTRIA